4 ways to promote your business using Twitter

4 ways to promote your business using Twitter

Twitter can be a great social media tool for marketing your business. Many businesses have been known to utilize the exposure and engagement that twitter offers.

Twitter is a valuable tool for any business looking to increase their brand awareness, lead generation, and customer service. While Twitter limits users to 140 characters, those characters can make quite an impact when used properly.

        GTbank using Twitter to advertise one of their products


Here are some tips to help you promote your business on twitter:

1) Build a relationship with the right prospects.

To promote your business on Twitter, it is very important you follow the right people. This is the most important strategy because it helps you build relationships with your prospects.

Identifying, following and engaging with the right audience on Twitter is key. This ensures that you promote your products in front of the right prospects, which increases your chances of making a sale.


2) Monitor your brand’s perception

Marketing your business on Twitter is all about engaging with your customers or target audience. Use the search feature on Twitter to find out what people are saying about your brand and products.

If someone tweets something nice about your company, reply with a tweet acknowledging them. In the same way, if someone tweets a complaint at your brand, apologize publicly and tweet at them once the issue has been fixed.


3) Tweet Regularly

To get visibility on twitter, you have to tweet relevant content frequently. However, tweeting every 5 minutes can get your followers annoyed. 1–10 tweets every day is optimal for most people.

Monitor your followers count regularly. If you’re losing followers, you’re probably tweeting too much or sharing boring and irrelevant content.


4) Engage your audience

Being part of conversations on Twitter will get your brand in front of more people and increase your chances of being followed or discovered. Anyone can start a conversation about a particular topic and industry just by using a hashtag.

By joining conversations, you are able to engage your audience with relevant content which also helps to quickly build up your followers count.

Many brands, businesses and marketers have already discovered how influential Twitter is for finding and engaging their audience. What other methods and strategies have worked for you while using Twitter? You can drop your answers in the comment section.

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