4 ways to promote your business on Facebook

4 ways to promote your business on Facebook

There’s a huge potential market that allows your business or brand to be discovered on Facebook. Facebook estimates that there are presently over 16 million Nigerians on Facebook. How do you ensure your business gets noticed?  How do you turn one fan into 1,000?

Here are 5 tips to take to ensure that your business gets discovered on Facebook by potential customers

Content and Community

To grow your business with Facebook, it is imperative you’re constantly adding and sharing valuable content, in order to ensure engagement on your page. However, without a supportive community to broadcast your content to, good content will be wasted and ineffective.

Thus, start by growing a community before you start promoting content on your page. By growing a community first, you will build trust with members who would trust your brand in sharing content that will add value to them. People will only buy from you when they have trusted your business.

Add a Facebook “Like” button to your website

You don’t need to be a coding guru to embed a Facebook “Like” button on your website. There is a high probability that one of the visitors to your website already has a Facebook account. The visitor may be inclined to click a like button, earning you a fan of your business as well as increasing your brand’s community.

Unite your channels

Save effort and promote your Facebook page concurrently by keeping all your brand’s social-media accounts on the same page. You can do this by enabling integration. For example, you can post an image on Instagram that automatically gets published to your Facebook page.


Partner with other businesses

Find businesses with complimentary offerings to yours. Partner with businesses that have a large following on Facebook by offering to cross-promote your businesses. It could be a joint offer, a discount or a recommendation. It’s the easiest way to double your following.


These are four simple yet effective methods that can be used to help you grow your page and your business with Facebook. What other effective methods have you been using to promote your business? You can drop your answers in the comment section.


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